Chevy's Kahroma

Zugriffe heute: 1 - gesamt: 2140.

Chevy's Kahroma

s.r. pE Norw DK Ch KORAD EuropaSieger-08 BISS Breakpoint's Grand Duc of Coke x NorwCh Corsini Tarantella
Größe 58,5 cm


Auszug eines Richterberichtes (NBFK Clubshow, Hemsedal, 10.05.2008, judge Cathy Bond, GB)

"2 year old female, complete scissor bite. Tall ears, high set & used well. Exc. long head with good stop & good parallels,
Exc. almond shaped eye, a little light in colour. Would prefer a more defined mask. Lovely long neck & Exc. body shape.,
Good front and rear angulations. Lovely rich red coat, OK front & rear movement, Exc. side movement.

Over all, a quality female who I feel needs to carry a little less weight to complement the picture."
Result: Exc.4 open class

Auszug eines Richterberichtes (Sør-Rogaland Brukshundklubb - Jærutstillingen, judge Willemine van Deijl, B.)

"2 years, complete levelbite (comment: this is not correct, she has scissor bite), Exc. type, good size, coat is coming,
well chiselled expressive head, enough mask, well shaped dark eye, high carried medium long ears, good parallell, noseline not straight, exc.neck, medium long body, exc. developed body, good top and underline, good croup and tail,well angulated front and back, stands well, nice temperament, good bone and feet, excellent movement."

Result: Exc. 1 Open Class, res.CAC and 2.Best Female

Weitere Erfolge:
3.Best in Show Puppy, Best in Group Puppy


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  • Zuchthündin der Zuchtstätte "Nizhoni" (Norwegen)
  • Mentaldescription (MH)
  • Tervueren of the year in Hordaland Region 2007
  • Recommended Dog (RH)


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